Agro Chemical Pet Bottles

At Petform Pvt. Ltd, we offer specially designed agro chemical pet bottles for various insecticides, pesticides, and agro products like Dichlorvos, Hexaconazole, Imidacloprids. Based in Sri Lanka, our pet bottles for storing and packaging agro chemical contents are popular because of their sturdiness, robust design, and sustainability.

Each of the lightweight agro chemical pet bottles that we offer is leak-proof and boasts of increased service life. Plus, pet bottles for agrochemicals are also available in a plethora of sizes and colours. More so, their tamper-resistant closures are apt for packing all types of chemicals, pesticides, liquids, and agrochemicals, and everything else that reacts to other types of packing materials.

Freezer Safe Agro Chemical Pet Bottles

You can get agro chemical pet bottles from us in various colours, specifications, capacities, shapes, designs, and shapes. Our range of agrochemical pet bottles is suitable for the packaging of agrochemicals and all other types of contents related to pesticides, insecticides, etc.

The agrochemical pet bottles we offer are widely in demand because of their dimensional precision, strength, resistance to abrasion, and chemical resistance. The high-tensile strength agrochemical pet bottles we offer are impact-resistant and come with a


Cosmetic Pet Bottles

For premium cosmetic pet bottles, you might want to check our collection at Petform Pvt. Ltd. A Sri-Lanka-based cosmetic pet bottles manufacturers and supplier, we take pride in offering the most amazing quality cosmetic pet bottles that aren’t only safe and non-toxic but eco-friendly as well. With our range of pet bottles, you can stay assured about their durability. Each of the bottles that we offer features a flip lid which makes sure the content doesn’t spill out.

The amazing sealing of the pet bottles we use for cosmetic use helps you to use their confidence and ease. Given the transparency of the bottles, you can easily identify the content that is inside. Our bottles also contain flip-can tops which makes it easier for the user to refill and dispense the exact amount of content.

Refillable and Easy-to-Use Cosmetic Pet Bottles

Being one of the best reputable cosmetic pet bottles suppliers, we only offer cosmetic pet bottles to 200 and 300 millilitres. Our collection of travel-friendly cosmetic pet bottles can fit any type of pouches and bag. You can use our range of pet bottles to sell and store shampoos, hair oils, sanitisers, and all other types of cosmetics.

We are a professional maker and supplier of cosmetic pet bottles, having experience in the respective field. For the making of the bottles, we only count on premier plastics that are certified and are known for their durability. Contact us to have a look at our adorable and eco-friendly range of cosmetic pet bottles.


Juice Pet Bottles

The efficient and durable juice pet bottles from us at Petform Pvt. Ltd. in Sri Lanka are the best bottling all types of fresh juices, go-to cocktails, etc. We take pride in being the most celebrated juice pet bottles suppliers in the country for a reason. All our pet bottles meant for storing and transporting juices are transparent, so you can have a look at the content inside and identify them. The pet bottles are shatterproof and free of BPA as well.

Each of the juice pet bottles offered by us is compatible with HPP and is FDA certified. Being made of PET, the juice pet bottles we provide are recyclable and hence are eco-friendly. The best part about us, you can all types of juice pet bottles from us at economical prices.

Ergonomic Juice Pet Bottles

The various capacities in which our juice pet bottles range from 1-5 kgs and 100-500 gms. Given how we have come a long way in the domain of selling pet bottles for various reasons, we have learned to take care of our environment. This is the reason instead of adding to the plastic waste on Earth, we make and supply only easily-recyclable PET bottles to keep our valuable resources safe.

Made of 100% recycled materials, our range of juice pet bottles come with easy-to-open caps so you can enjoy mess-free drinking on the go. Also, the robust shape with a base that is known for its flexibility offers you increased safety. To buy from our exclusive range of juice pet bottles, call us now.


Oil Pet Bottles

Preserve edible oil for a longer time with oil pet bottles from Petform Pvt. Ltd. Established in Sri Lanka, we have over the years become the most reputed oil pet bottles supplier in the country. Thanks to the team of professional manufacturers, our extensive collection of pet oil bottles is all made with the highest-quality raw material so they can stand the test of time.

The range of oil pet bottles we offer are made of the highest-grade polyethylene terephthalate and are available in various weights like 1-5kgs, 25gms, 30gms, 35gms, and 40 gms. You can choose from a large assortment of pet oil bottle capacities as well like 1l, 2l, and 500l.

Comprehensive Range of Oil Pet Bottles

The pet oil bottles offered to come with an easy-to-use red cap for hassle-free use and convenient use of oil. Our range of oil pet bottles has been a preferred packaging material choice for bottling various kinds of edible oils, given how to maintain their freshness, taste, and aroma besides offering a superior look and feel.

The oil pet bottles we supply not only doles out safety, re-saleability, convenience, and recyclability as well. For those searching for shatter-proof oil bottles, this is just what you need. Ditch the glass bottles and switch to oil pet bottles given its safety and other advantages.


Vinegar Pet Bottles

Now you can buy vinegar pet bottles at cost-effective prices from us at Petform Pvt. Ltd. A Sri-Lanka-based vinegar pet bottles suppliers, we offer the finest quality pet bottles for storing and packaging vinegar. The pet bottles offered by us are known for their sustainability and for maintaining both the taste and aroma of the content inside.

The vinegar pet bottles we offer feature a simple screwcap for easy usage. The classic-shaped pet bottles supplied by us are widely demanded by households for storing vinegar. The pet bottles meant for vinegar provided by us also include a broad and strong base with a recessed label panel as well.

Classic Vinegar Pet Bottles

The shatter-resistant PET bottles are lightweight and are available in various capacities like 1l, 2l, and 500ml. The pet bottles we supply for vinegar storage and packaging include a classic shape and style which are commonly associated by the households. The narrow finish pet bottles also come with fluted shoulders and a broad stable base.

The PET bottles we offer are made of durable materials and include a high shine. More so, the impact resistance and clarity of the bottles are what make them highly desirable. You can use our vinegar pet bottles to increase the appeal of your kitchen and for utmost safety. Contact us now and have a look at all the available vinegar pet bottles.


Chemifix Pet Preforms

At Petform Pvt. Ltd, you can get the best-quality chemifix pet preforms at an affordable price. While there might be other suppliers of chemifix pet preforms in the market, what sets us apart from them is our promise of 100% customer satisfaction and quality assurance.

To thwart the depletion of natural resources and to maintain a peaceful ecological balance, we always use pure recycled raw materials for the making of chemifix pet preforms. Our continuous research and development also help us to stay updated with the latest preforms and advanced manufacturing techniques for them.

Competitively-Priced Chemifix Pet Preforms

All of the Chemifix pet preforms offered by us are made to go through rigorous testing and validations before being added to the collection of preforms. The pet preforms we offer are known for their resistance to cracks and durability. Plus, they are high in demand for their superior quality material.

The Chemifix pet preforms we offer are available in 4.5 gms to 120 gms. We are also offering the pet preforms in different customisations as per client specifications. The pet preforms we manufacture are suitable for all types of beverages and they are all made in hygienic conditions with stringent adherence to the quality.


Cosmetic Pet Preforms

We at Petform Pvt. Lt in Sri Lanka is counted amongst the top and best cosmetic pet preform manufacturers. Our team of manufacturers makes and designs a sturdy range of cosmetic pets preform in various weights like 1-5kg and 500-1kg. Some of the capacities available for cosmetic pet preforms are 1l, 2l, and 5l.

Each of our cosmetic pet preforms is made and designed with the help of superior quality recycled materials according to the existing industrial standards present in our facilities. We guarantee customisation of cosmetic pet preforms based on client needs as well. The cosmetic pet preforms also undergo stringent testing on various quality parameters before they are dispatched.

Most Trusted Makers of Cosmetic Pet Preform

Having been in the industry for a long, we have garnered extensive experience in the field of making and supplying premium quality cosmetic pet preform. To ensure you receive the best cosmetic pet preform for your use, we manufacture our products efficiently using the most advanced technology and techniques all of which adhere to international standards.

Our quality management team is always reviewing the products before handing them over to you. Plus, our team of manufacturers is also undergoing stringent training at every internal to stay at par with the latest standards. Contact us to know cosmetic pets preform in detail.


Water Pet Bottles

At Petform Pvt. Ltd, we are seen as the most reputable and recognisable water pet bottles manufacturers based in Sri Lanka. For the convenience of use, we make and design water pet bottles featuring screw caps. The leak-proof and BPA-free water pet bottles we offer are also transparent so you can see the water inside.

To make sure you drink water from the cleanest and safest pet bottle, we only manufacture water pet bottles using 100% food grade. Unlike other types of water bottles, our selection of water pet bottles doesn’t use toxic chemicals that can seep through your food and put you at risk.

Unmatched Water Pet Bottles

The lightweight range of water pet bottles offered by us is known for packaging and storing all types of cold beverages for easy travel and to store at home. The weight availability for our water pet bottles is 1l, 2l, and 500ml. The ergonomically-designed pet bottles for water are travel-friendly as well and can be stored in the refrigerator doors.

The pet bottles are made of exclusive PET material and are perfect for storing water. These spill-proof water bottles also come with water-tight caps so you can enjoy drinking water on the go. They also boast a comfortable and firmer grip and are available in compact sizes for easy storage.


Water Pet Jars

Looking for unbreakable and lightweight water pet jars? Your search ends here at Petform Pvt. Ltd. We are a Sri-Lanka-based water pet jars manufacturer and we are known for offering a broad range of water pet jars available in different capacities like 10-50gm, 100-200gms, and 200-500 gms. For our esteemed clients, we offer a comprehensive range of water pet jars.

The water pet jars offered by us are the best in quality and durable. Not only our water pet jars are used in various industrial sectors but are also used in various households for water storage. You can use our range of water pet jars to store water and travel with them as well.

Professional Manufacturers of Water Pet Jars in Sri Lanka

Our products are all made of PET, so they can all be recycled after use. This makes them environment-friendly. You can get our exclusive collection of water jars in various capacities. They come with an easy-to-use screw cap so you don’t have difficulties opening them.

Plus, the water stored inside the water pet jars is safe and fresh for a long time. The leakage-proof water pet jars are cost-friendly are made by our team of committed water pet jars manufacturers who all are highly qualified and skilled in the domain of designing pet bottles.


Pharmaceutical Pet Bottles

At Petform Pvt. Ltd, we were established as the most trustworthy pharmaceutical pet bottles supplier in Sri Lanka. Since inception, we have offered only certified and world-class pharmaceutical pet bottles that are available in various weights ranging from 25 gms to 40 gms. The pharmaceutical pet bottles are also available in a plethora of capacities like 1l, 2l, and 500gms as well.

Our range of pet bottles designed for pharmaceutical applications is specifically designed for packing different insecticides, pesticides, and agro contents for ale. The model variations available for pharmaceutical pet bottles are endless.

Quality-Insured Pharmaceutical Pet Bottles

Each of the pharma bottles adheres to the advanced quality standards when being manufactured. Being the most reliable supplier of pharma pet bottles, we can easily cater to the vast requirements of our clients at the most cost-effective price. The pharma bottles are made and designed in the cleanest and most hygienic rooms that are in turn certified and recognised for pharmaceutical applications.

You can order customised pharmaceutical pet bottles from us as well after checking our samples. We are equipped with an efficient supply team that believes in on-time delivery and an organised delivery program. To get product information or to know about the prices of our pharmaceutical pet bottles, give us a call now.


Confectionery Pet Jars

The premium range of confectionary pet jars at Petform Pvt. Ltd. are made of exclusive quality food-grade PET plastic that aids you to store all types of confectionery items most safely. Each of the confectionary pet jars we offer is free from BPA and can keep you safe from all types of health hazards. The easy-to-use confectionary pet jars are the best choice for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

You can count on our range of confectionary pet jars to keep all your confectionary items organised. The odour-free confectionary pet jars that we offer can help store all types of cereals and spices to retain their freshness and smell. Plus, the airtight seal also keeps the content inside fresh for a long time besides preserving its nutritional value.

Refrigerator-Safe and BPA Free Confectionary Pet Jars

The multipurpose confectionary pet jars offered by us can be used for storing dry fruits, food grains, snacks, and different types of cookies. You can keep your kitchen clean and organised with our range of stylish and classic range of confectionary pet jars. They come in modern designs to complement your kitchen and house, besides making way for more space.

The pet jars we supply for storing and packaging confectionery items are transparent helps you to look inside and identify the contents. Plus, they are even easy and simple to operate. The leakproof collection of confectionary pet jars are also BPA-free and are made of premium quality food-grade plastic.


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